Welcome to the Fraiche Notes!

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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the Fraiche Notes!

When we launched our new brand and website we knew we wanted to have a place to showcase the culture and heart of our business. A place that allows us to share our passion for fresh food, family, farm to table living, community, philanthropy, and our amazing customers and vendors.

From those internal musings, the idea of the Fraiche Notes was born. These notes are more than a blog. It’s a guide for those who are passionate about living life in a way that sustains our core beliefs:

At Fraiche catering we believe in:

  • Prioritizing fresh and high-quality food. We source the highest quality local and sustainable ingredients for each of our menus. Our food not only supports local businesses but is good for the environment.

  • Supporting the local community. We run our business by purchasing locally grown food and working with local vendors. We believe that community matters and putting back into the San Francisco local small business economy is essential for ongoing success.

  • Giving back. We don’t believe in wasting food or resources, which is why donating to food banks and worthy causes is a priority for us. We also try our best to use trade-free and eco-friendly goods whenever possible.

  • Living beautifully. We truly believe that presentation is just as important as ingredients. For us, food is art and our team takes that to heart when sourcing ingredients, planning our menus and presenting our food to our customers.

These beliefs have guided our business since 2010 and we are excited to open our hearts and share our love for San Francisco, food, and the local community with our audience and our customers.

Be sure to check back often as our Fraiche Catering family keeps the blog updated. We’ll be exploring our perspectives on food, sustainability, environment, community, and lifestyle. We’ll also be showcasing event planning and catering inspiration derived from our client events.

Cheers to the Fraiche life,

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Danielle Sommers,

Founder & Passionate Cheese Lover